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Recent domestic feed raw material price trend analysis

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Data source: According to the feed industry information network.




Corn prices continue to adjust. At present, the rhythm of grain sales in the main producing areas is gradually stable, traders hoarding grain cost is high on the price reduction is more resistant, processing enterprises procurement mentality is loose, market purchases and sales tend to be stable. In June, corn stocks in major domestic producing areas will continue to decline, and the main grain sources will be further transferred to traders' warehouses. Demand-side farming market consumption will grow further, traders bullish sentiment is still strong, the willingness to stand price is still strong. According to analysis: in June, the corn market will continue to be in a state of overall balance between supply and demand, and the demand for guaranteed supply will continue to grow slowly. The supply and demand market still lacks the power to promote the sharp and rapid rise of the market. It is predicted that most of the time in June, corn prices will continue to rise slowly, and the possibility of short-term correction in local markets still exists. The probability of monthly average prices in major producing areas continuing to rise slightly from the previous month is still higher.


Soybean Meal

Yesterday, the U.S. market was closed for holidays, but the strong rise in crude oil and the opening of weather speculation patterns in U.S. producing areas made it easier for U.S. soybeans, which are supported by more favorable factors and are at a high level, to move up. The recent arrival of soybeans in China is still relatively large. In addition, the weekly dumping of imported soybeans from the State Reserve has made the soybean supply sufficient. After the high crushing volume of oil plants, the soybean meal production is relatively large. The downstream demand side is limited in picking up goods. Soybean meal stocks are rising again. Some oil plants have the phenomenon of stock expansion to inhibit the price increase of soybean meal. However, the rising cost of imported soybeans and crushing losses continue to increase the willingness of oil plants.


rapeseed meal

On May 31, Zhengzhou rapeseed meal futures opened high and then maintained a volatile trend. Canadian rapeseed futures closed lower, as European rapeseed futures fell and Malaysian palm oil futures fell, which was negative for the market. Domestic new season rapeseed has been listed, rapeseed meal supply is expected to increase, as well as the continuous state storage of imported soybeans auction, all of the price of rapeseed meal pressure. However, the tight supply of rapeseed in Chen Ji and the strength of international crude oil futures have restricted the downside of the market. Domestically, aquaculture has gradually started, and the demand for rapeseed meal has increased, which also supports the price of rapeseed meal. As of yesterday, the price of ordinary rapeseed meal in coastal areas was 3740-4000 yuan/ton, and it is expected that the price of rapeseed meal will continue to fluctuate.


cottonseed meal

Cottonseed meal market finishing mainly. At this stage, the supply of cottonseed meal is tight, and cottonseed remains high, the cost of cottonseed meal is high, the market is favorable, and some traders maintain the price. In addition, due to the strong shock of domestic soybean meal following the US soybean, resulting in a boost to the periphery of cottonseed meal, it is expected that cottonseed meal will be mainly sorted out in the near future.



Today's domestic wheat prices are stable and slightly weak. Affected by the large opening range of new wheat market prices in the main producing areas and the increasing amount of harvest on the market, the recent market prices of Chen wheat have shown a downward trend, and flour processing enterprises have continuously lowered the purchase price of new wheat. It is expected that wheat prices will stabilize as the new wheat continues to be listed on a large scale. At the same time, due to the impact of the post-ripening period, new wheat cannot be immediately put into flour processing. Under the tight supply and demand of wheat, the market demand for old wheat will cause the price of high-quality old wheat to remain strong in the short term.


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