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Blue Valley Zhongwei's exclusive title of large-scale public welfare live streaming has reached a new high.

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The third phase of "Quality Management of Adulterated Raw Materials" of "Large-scale Public Welfare Live Broadcast-Things about Feed Technology" exclusively named by Blue Valley Zhongwei reached a new high of 760000.

This is another new high after the first phase of "Raw Material Pre-digestion and Biofermentation Technology Essentials" was watched online by more than 560000 and the second phase of "Feed Cleaner Production and Supply Chain Biosafety Management Essentials" was watched online by more than 550000.


In the era of information fragmentation, the company planned the series of public welfare live broadcast, inviting industry experts to explain and interact. Each issue focuses on a technical concern and is clear about it. That is, there is a theoretical basis, but also a real case. That is, there are summaries and refinements, and there are directions. Therefore, it has been highly recognized by colleagues in the industry.


This series of public welfare live broadcast is sponsored by the National Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Innovation Alliance. Huaxin Sharing Think Tank is the live broadcast platform. The broadcast platform is China Feed Industry Information Network, Boya Hexun, Saier Media, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Frontier and Animal Husbandry People. The broadcast time is fixed at 3:00~4:30 p. m. on the first Friday in the second half of each month (may ~ November). The next 4 public welfare live broadcast, more worth looking forward!


Sweep the code to watch the live playback of "talking about feed technology-quality management of adulterated raw materials"



Sweep the code to watch the live replay of "talking about feed technology-feed cleaner production and supply chain biosafety management points"



Sweep the code to watch the live replay of "talking about feed technology-key points of raw material pre-digestion and biological fermentation technology"