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Blue Valley Zhongwei Selected in 2021 Provincial "Double Innovation Strategy Team"

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Recently, the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department announced the list of selected provincial "Shuangchuang Strategic Teams" for 2021. The "Establishment of Clostridium butyricum Strains Bank and Pan-genome Research and Entrepreneurship Team" of Hubei Blue Valley Microbiological Technology Co., Ltd. became the only provincial Class C independent entrepreneurial strategic team selected in 2021 in Yichang, realizing a new breakthrough in Yiling District's high-level Shuangchuang team.


The "Double Innovation Strategy Team" of Hubei Province is a major talent project jointly organized and implemented by the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. It is mainly aimed at ten key industries and "stuck neck" technology field, select a group of scientific and technological innovation strategic teams and independent entrepreneurial strategic teams with good growth, clear innovative ideas, remarkable achievements in industry-university-research cooperation, continuous innovation ability or achievement transformation ability, and clear expected benefits, and provide funds, scientific research projects, platforms, etc. Support. The strategic teams of scientific and technological innovation and independent entrepreneurship are divided into three categories: A, B and C. The initial declaration is Class C, and then they are selected and promoted year by year. Among them, the C and B support funds of the self-employed strategic team are 500000 yuan, and the support funds are 1 million yuan.

Hubei Blue Valley Microbiological Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise established in 2016, which integrates research and development, production and sales of Clostridium butyricum, feed raw material fermentation agent and drinking water living agent. In recent years, relying on a technical team composed of one doctoral supervisor, two professors, one senior technical expert, several doctors and masters, the company has continuously carried out scientific and technological research on Clostridium butyricum. At present, the annual output of probiotic products with Clostridium butyricum as the core has reached 5000 tons, and its market share in the microbial additive Clostridium butyricum has reached 10%, which is in the forefront of the industry.


In recent years, Yiling District has continued to carry out special actions for experts and talents to serve enterprises. By selecting "development consultants" for enterprises, guiding experts and talents and other innovative elements to gather to enterprises, further promoting enterprise technological innovation, strengthening enterprise innovation management, and enhancing enterprise innovation capabilities Up to now, two batches of 21 experts have been selected for enterprises. Professor Liang Yunxiang, the leader of the selected team, is one of the first development consultants selected to enterprises in Yiling District. In the next step, Yiling District will continue to increase the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents, carry out all-round services of "introduction, use, retention, and service", and actively create a new pattern of talent work.

(Correspondent: Sumo Editor: Lei Olin Review: Zhu Jiamei)