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Congratulations to Blue Valley Zhongwei for winning the honorary title of "2022 Hubei Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise (Product)!

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Recently, the Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of Hubei Province's manufacturing single champion enterprises (products) in 2022. The fist product "Clostridium butyricum" of Hubei Blue Valley Microbiological Technology Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "Hubei Province's manufacturing single champion enterprise (product) in 2022!


2022年湖北省制造业单项冠军企业( 产品 )


Hubei Blue Valley Microbial Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of microbiology. provide clostridium butyricum, lactic acid bacteria, raw materials such as fermentation agent product research and development production and application of solutions. The company is guided by user value and aims at green ecological development. It is committed to the development and application of environment-friendly biotechnology, providing micro-ecological solutions such as animal intestinal environment, breeding environment, water environment and soil environment for the industry, and helping the healthy and sustainable development of the ecological environment.